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iPSC MSC ESC Differentiation
[Report] foxl3 is a germ cell-intrinsic factor involved in sperm-egg fate decision in medaka
Thursday, 06.11.2015, 11:26am
Here we show that foxl3, which is expressed in germ cells but not somatic cells in the gonad, is involved in sperm–egg fate decision in medaka fish.
Autophagy and mTORC1 regulate the stochastic phase of somatic cell reprogramming
Wednesday, 06.10.2015, 11:14pm
Qin, Pei and colleagues report that autophagy is induced early during somatic cell reprogramming into induced pluripotent stem cells. mTORC1 and autophagy control reprogramming efficiency by modulating mitochondrial architecture and p62 levels.
Efficient derivation and inducible differentiation of expandable skeletal myogenic cells from human ES and patient-specific iPS cells
Friday, 06.05.2015, 09:29pm
In this protocol, pluripotent stem cells are first differentiated into expandable cells resembling human mesoangioblasts; subsequently, transient MyoD induction drives differentiation into multinucleated myotubes.
Functional cortical neurons and astrocytes from human pluripotent stem cells in 3D culture
Friday, 05.29.2015, 10:13am
A method for 3D differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells yields brain cortical spheroids with functional neurons and astrocytes. The spheroids can be sliced for imaging and electrophysiological studies.
[Perspective] It’s about time for neural crest
Tuesday, 05.05.2015, 10:36am
In this week’s Science Express, Buitrago-Delgado et al. provide further support for this bold statement in demonstrating that neural crest cells uniquely retain pluripotent stem cell programming until later in development than the three classic germ layers.
Stem cells: slow and steady wins the race
Monday, 05.04.2015, 09:14pm
How are quiescent adult neural stem cells (NSCs) generated during development? A study now identifies a reserve population of p57-expressing, slowly dividing embryonic neural progenitors that later give rise to adult NSCs.
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  » Converging on neurodegenerative mechanisms
  » Identification of small molecules that support human leukemia stem cell activity ex vivo

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