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Using single cell technologies for functional studies
Baculovirus used to make flu vaccines in insect cells
Thursday, 01.07.2010, 10:53am

The vaccines were produced much more quickly than the current method using eggs.  Insect cell system also provides less allergy effects and better overall safety.

Publication by Allele Scientists: A Tale of Twin Functions
Friday, 09.04.2009, 02:44pm

A paper published in PLoS One on 08-15-09 demonstrated one RNA binding factor can bind to two completely different target RNA sequences while play leading roles in general splicing machinery and backup roles in alternative pre-mRNA splicing.

Ai HW, Henderson JN, Remington SJ, Campbell RE.
Wednesday, 08.12.2009, 11:59am
      Directed evolution of a monomeric, bright, and photostable version of Clavularia cyan fluorescent protein: structural characterization and applications in fluorescence imaging. Biochem J. 2006 Dec 15;400(3):531-40. This was the first publication on the designing and characterization of mTFP1 and its related fluorescent proteins.
Hui-wang Ai , Scott G. Olenych , Peter Wong , Michael W. Davidson and Robert E. Campbell
Wednesday, 08.12.2009, 11:59am
      Hue-shifted monomeric variants of Clavularia cyan fluorescent protein: identification of the molecular determinants of color and applications in fluorescence imaging.BMC Biol. 2008 Mar 6;6(1):13. Site-direct and random mutagenesis in combination with library screening was employed by the creators of mTFP1 to develop new colors of mTFP1-derived monomeric FPs. The techniques described here are truly state-of-art in FP evolution and can be applied to other protein variation studies. It should be an enjoyable read for researchers in many fields.
Shaner NC, Patterson GH, Davidson MW
Wednesday, 08.12.2009, 11:59am
      Advances in fluorescent protein technology.J Cell Sci. 2007 Dec 15;120(Pt 24):4247-60. Development of new and improved fluorescent proteins (FPs) has been ongoing at blinding speed, resulting in enhanced photostability, reduced oligomerization, faster maturation rate, and insensitivity to pH. Despite the recent advances in FP technology, most researchers still use the enhanced version of Aequorea victoria jellyfish wild-type GFP (EGFP), and the original cyan and yellow derivatives (ECFP and EYFP), for most imaging applications. This review addresses frequent misconceptions during transition to new FP choices.
Shaner NC, Steinbach PA, Tsien RY.
Wednesday, 08.12.2009, 11:58am
      A guide to choosing fluorescent proteins. Nature Methods 2005 Dec;2(12):905-9. This review summarizes the properties of reported fluorescent proteins and their applications.
  » Ni YH, Guo XR, Chen RH, Wang B, Zhang M, Fei L, Pan XQ, Guo M, Wang J.
  » Chen J, Wang L, Boeg YS, Xia B, Wang J.

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High quality histologic services are crucial for determining study outcomes.

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