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Growth and splitting of neural sequences in songbird vocal development
Tuesday, 12.01.2015, 03:03pm
Neural sequences recorded from the vocal premotor area HVC in juvenile birds learning song ‘syllables’ show ‘prototype’ syllables forming early, with multiple new highly divergent neural sequences emerging from this precursor syllable as learning progresses.
[Report] Electron-hole pair excitation determines the mechanism of hydrogen atom adsorption
Tuesday, 12.01.2015, 03:03pm
We show through experiments that H-atom collisions at an insulating surface (an adsorbed xenon layer on a gold single-crystal surface) are indeed nearly elastic, following the predictions of energy and momentum conservation. In contrast, H-atom collisions with the bare gold surface exhibit a large loss of translational energy that can be reproduced by an atomic-level simulation describing electron-hole pair excitation.
The long road to reproducibility
Monday, 11.30.2015, 03:52pm
In the mission to reduce irreproducibility, true change can only come about if all stakeholders — researchers, institutions, funders and journals — join together with common purpose.
Does the hippocampus preplay memories?
Monday, 11.30.2015, 03:52pm
Previous studies have reported 'preplay' of hippocampal neural activity patterns associated with events yet to occur. Silva et al. challenge this finding on the basis of large-scale recordings before and after experiences.
Transcriptional architecture of the human brain
Wednesday, 11.25.2015, 09:38pm
The largest survey of gene expression ever performed in the adult human brain reveals highly stereotyped transcriptional patterning across individuals. The most stably patterned genes are enriched for neuronal annotations, disease associations, drug targets and correspond to resting state functional networks.
Amgen bulks out cardio package
Wednesday, 11.25.2015, 09:38pm
Amgen paid $300 million in cash, in a deal potentially worth up to $1.55 billion in development and sales milestones, to make the biotech a wholly owned subsidiary.
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  » Competition for actin between two distinct F-actin networks defines a bistable switch for cell polarization
  » MSPLIT-DIA: sensitive peptide identification for data-independent acquisition
  » Competition for actin between two distinct F-actin networks defines a bistable switch for cell polarization
  » [Research Article] Structural basis for leucine sensing by the Sestrin2-mTORC1 pathway
  » Points of Significance: Simple linear regression

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High quality histologic services are crucial for determining study outcomes.

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[Report] Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells function as airway sensors to control lung immune response
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