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Tuesday, 01.23.2018, 02:56pm (GMT-7)
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[Education Forum] The evolution of antievolution policies after Kitzmiller v. Dover
Friday, 12.18.2015, 01:52am
Political attempts to denigrate and dilute the teaching of evolution in science classrooms have been a feature of the U.S. educational scene for 90 years.
2015 Editors' choice
Friday, 12.18.2015, 01:51am
Extracts from selected News&Views articles published this year.
Key mendelian variants
Wednesday, 12.16.2015, 02:37am
Genetic comparison of the effects of mutant and wild-type alleles is a powerful way to define gene function. But those few disease-causing variants that provide qualitatively different insights into the disease mechanisms of more common sporadic diseases have the greatest translational value.
The C. elegans adult neuronal IIS/FOXO transcriptome reveals adult phenotype regulators
Wednesday, 12.16.2015, 02:37am
Insulin/insulin-like growth factor signalling (IIS) is a critical regulator of an organism’s most important biological decisions from growth, development, and metabolism to reproduction and longevity. 
Anti-CD20 antibody wows in multiple sclerosis
Tuesday, 12.15.2015, 01:02am
Roche plans to seek approval early in the new year for its anti-CD20 antibody ocrelizumab as therapy in both forms of multiple sclerosis (MS)—primary progressive and relapsing remitting—following positive outcomes from recent phase 3 trials.
[Report] Microbial community assembly and metabolic function during mammalian corpse decomposition
Thursday, 12.10.2015, 11:47pm
The decomposer community is derived primarily from bulk soil, but key decomposers are ubiquitous in low abundance.
  » 20 years of bio-lox
  » PPAR-δ is repressed in Huntington's disease, is required for normal neuronal function and can be targeted therapeutically
  » Tuberculosis: Autophagy is not the answer
  » Accelerated gas-liquid visible light photoredox catalysis with continuous-flow photochemical microreactors
  » SIFT missense predictions for genomes
  » Thalamus controls recurrent cortical dynamics
  » Parkinson's disease–associated mutant VPS35 causes mitochondrial dysfunction by recycling DLP1 complexes
  » [Report] Structure and membrane remodeling activity of ESCRT-III helical polymers
  » The Author File: Jennifer Elisseeff
  » Reviewing computational methods

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High quality histologic services are crucial for determining study outcomes.

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A saposin-lipoprotein nanoparticle system for membrane proteins
Chronic inflammation imposes aberrant cell fate in regenerating epithelia through mechanotransduction
Ecology: Vegetation's responses to climate variability
Cell biology: Lipid code for membrane recycling
[Report] Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells function as airway sensors to control lung immune response
[Report] Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells function as airway sensors to control lung immune response
Method of the Year 2015
2015 Editors' choice
20 years of bio-lox
Sample preparation for high-resolution 3D confocal imaging of mouse skeletal tissue