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Tuesday, 01.23.2018, 02:56pm (GMT-7)
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Preparation of pyrenyl-based multifunctional nanocomposites for biomedical applications
Thursday, 02.04.2016, 12:06am
Nanocomposites are particles comprising multiple components. Those prepared in this protocol—made up of MRI agents or smart drugs—are wrapped in polymers (e.g., PEG or dextran) derivatized with hydrophobic, fluorescent pyrenyl groups.
A twist in zygotic reprogramming
Monday, 02.01.2016, 11:45pm
The first hours of mammalian embryogenesis are devoted to extensive epigenetic reprogramming. One hallmark is active demethylation of the paternal genome by Tet (ten-eleven translocation) enzymes. However, the process is now shown to be Tet-independent at first, with Tet enzymes only counteracting hitherto underappreciated de novo DNA methylation activity in later zygotic stages.
Gene coexpression modules in human cognition
Monday, 02.01.2016, 11:45pm
Analysis of human hippocampus identifies two modules of coexpressed genes that are conserved throughout the human cortex and in mouse hippocampi. These modules are enriched for genetic variants associated with both cognitive phenotypes and neuropsychiatric disorders.
Where genome editing is needed
Wednesday, 01.27.2016, 12:02am
The journal endorses the principle of transparency in the production of genome-edited crops and livestock as a precondition for the registration of a breed or cultivar, with no further need for regulation or distinction of these goods from the products of traditional breeding.
Highly multiplexed targeted DNA sequencing from single nuclei
Monday, 01.18.2016, 11:17pm
This single nucleus-targeted sequencing approach incorporates multiplexing and targeted capture for efficient high-throughput detection of genome variants. The protocol will be particularly useful for studying rare cells and complex cell populations.
Genetic code expansion in stable cell lines enables encoded chromatin modification
Monday, 01.18.2016, 11:16pm
Stable integration of genes that facilitate the incorporation of unnatural amino acids into the amber stop codon in genes of interest allows targeted integration of acetyl-lysine into histone H3.3 and the investigation of its effects in mouse embryonic stem cells.
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  » Xenotransplantation makes a comeback
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High quality histologic services are crucial for determining study outcomes.

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Cell biology: Lipid code for membrane recycling
[Report] Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells function as airway sensors to control lung immune response
[Report] Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells function as airway sensors to control lung immune response
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