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RNA, RNAi, and miRNA Updates
Increasing siRNA transfection by thiol modifications
Friday, 03.26.2010, 10:29am
Reversible thiol group mediated siRNA linkage can make the siRNAs much more efficiently packaged by cationic lipids and transfected into cells at a higher rate.
MicroRNAs: From Decay to Decoy, and beyond
Tuesday, 03.09.2010, 09:41am
MicroRNAs interact with Argonaute proteins to guide posttranscriptional gene silencing. Eiring et al. (2010) now show that miR-328 has a second function, acting as a decoy by binding to hnRNP E2 and lifting its translational repression of an mRNA involved in myeloid cell differentiation. (Cell)
Silicon Nanowires to Penetrate Cell Membrane for TransfectionSilicon Nanowires to Penetrate Cell Membrane for Transfection
Tuesday, 01.19.2010, 09:50am
Transfection of DNA, RNA, or protein molecules into cells, particularly mammalian cells has been an area for new technology development in more than a decade.  From calcium phosphate to lipposome, electroporation, microinjection, transmembrane peptide-mediated transduction, no method is robust or convenient enough to satisfy all research needs.
New RNAi delivery technology demonstrates higher efficacy and decreased dosage requirements
Thursday, 01.07.2010, 11:59am
Short interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules were delivered by packaging in lipidoids―small, fat-like molecules that are able to cross cells’ outer membranes―and injecting them into mice, which turned off multiple genes in the liver at once.
RNAi Has Been Found in Budding Yeast
Monday, 09.14.2009, 01:53pm
Published online on Sep 10, 2009 in Science, David Bartel’s lab and collaborators reported that the RNAi mechanism and associated genes were found in budding yeast species other than S. cerevisiae, previously thought to have lost RNAi at some point in evolution.
RNAi machinery interacts with specialized chromatin component in regulating antisense RNAs
Monday, 08.31.2009, 08:15am

A recent publication in Nature showed that this complex are recruited by histone variant H2A.Z to sense the irregularity of transcripts and keep the production of antisense RNAs in check.

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Antibody-coupled siRNA as an efficient method for in vivo mRNA knockdown
Antibody-coupled siRNA as an efficient method for in vivo mRNA knockdown
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MIR137: big impacts from small changes
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