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RNA, RNAi, and miRNA Updates
Control of metastatic progression by microRNA regulatory networks
Friday, 06.07.2013, 11:59am
Pencheva and Tavazoie discuss the recent advances in understanding how microRNAs control metastatic progression in cancer.
Control of metastatic progression by microRNA regulatory networks
Wednesday, 06.05.2013, 09:35am
Pencheva and Tavazoie discuss the recent advances in understanding how microRNAs control metastatic progression in cancer.
The shaping and functional consequences of the microRNA landscape in breast cancer
Monday, 05.06.2013, 09:04am

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) show differential expression across breast cancer subtypes, and have both oncogenic and tumour-suppressive roles.

Mapping genetic interactions in human cancer cells with RNAi and multiparametric phenotyping
Monday, 04.08.2013, 10:47am
Pairwise siRNA combinations and multiparametric imaging reveal positive and negative genetic interactions of epigenetic regulators in human cancer cells.
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis is induced by microRNA-193a and its downregulation of WT1
Friday, 03.29.2013, 08:48am
Focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis, or renal scarring, is a debilitating disease. The identification of the molecular mechanisms of its initiation and progression has been limited, thus hampering the development of proper animal models. Dontscho Kerjaschki and his colleagues now report that microRNA-193a is elevated in human cases of the disease and that transgenic expression in mice is sufficient to cause the condition.
[Report] A KRAB/KAP1-miRNA Cascade Regulates Erythropoiesis Through Stage-Specific Control of Mitophagy
Monday, 03.18.2013, 08:30pm
Protein- and RNA-based transcriptional regulation governs the removal of mitochondria during red blood cell differentiation.
  » A one-two punch of miR-126/126* against metastasis
  » MicroRNA let-7d regulates the TLX/microRNA-9 cascade to control neural cell fate and neurogenesis
  » Quantitative genetic-interaction mapping in mammalian cells
  » A biophysical miRNA-mRNA interaction model infers canonical and noncanonical targets
  » An endothelial apelin-FGF link mediated by miR-424 and miR-503 is disrupted in pulmonary arterial hypertension
  » miR-214 targets ATF4 to inhibit bone formation
  » miR-214 targets ATF4 to inhibit bone formation
  » miRNAs and malaria resistance
  » Decline in miR-181a expression with age impairs T cell receptor sensitivity by increasing DUSP6 activity
  » High-throughput assessment of microRNA activity and function using microRNA sensor and decoy libraries

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Antibody-coupled siRNA as an efficient method for in vivo mRNA knockdown
Antibody-coupled siRNA as an efficient method for in vivo mRNA knockdown
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MIR137: big impacts from small changes
Spatially restricted Hedgehog signalling regulates HGF-induced branching of the adult prostate
Alterations in microRNA-124 and AMPA receptors contribute to social behavioral deficits in frontotemporal dementia
Antiviral immunity via RIG-I-mediated recognition of RNA bearing 5′-diphosphates
Functional genomics platform for pooled screening and generation of mammalian genetic interaction maps
Genome-wide microRNA expression profiles in hippocampus of rats with chronic temporal lobe epilepsy