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U.S. Senate Panel Gives NIH $31 Billion in 2014, $2 Billion More Than 2013
Sunday, 07.21.2013, 04:59pm
A U.S. Senate spending panel last week approved a bill giving the National Institutes of Health (NIH) $31 billion in 2014, a 7% increase over this year's budget, but it is $147 million below the president's request for 2014.
San Diego Green Technology July 11th Event Updated
Tuesday, 07.02.2013, 04:17pm
Updated speaker list:
Michael Hurst, Founder and CEO, ChloroFill
John Plavan, CEO, EarthRisk Technologies
Eric J. Mathur, Vice President and Chief Technologist, SG Biofuels
Nancy Pfund, Managing Partner of DBL Investors

30 second pitch is coming back! Email to claim your chance to tell your story or ideas in 30 seconds.
How to be a Green Entrepreneur
Tuesday, 06.25.2013, 09:40pm

The imperative for developing and implementing sustainable,
green technologies is huge. But how do you
identify opportunities and customers? Come hear
entrepreneur and investor perspectives.

Talk about your own business or ideas through the SDEE-special 30 SECOND PITCH, to be moderated by Scintillon's Dr. Nathan Shaner

SABPA Event Tomorrow: Paving the Path to Success
Friday, 06.07.2013, 12:00pm
There will also be an exciting drug discovery panel representing elite local companies with drugs that have recently gained FDA approvals to showcase San Diego's drug discovery success stories. The program is guaranteed to generate sizzling discussion, stimulate new ideas, and fuel renewed enthusiasm of investing in San Diego biotech industry.
Early Bird registration ends by 05/31 for San Diego BioPharma Conference
Wednesday, 05.29.2013, 04:40pm
SDEE is co-promoting the next SABPA event.  At this year’s San Diego Bio-Pharma Conference, we bring together top-notched speakers to discuss recent breakthroughs in life sciences and latest industry trends on a global scale.
Wednesday, 04.17.2013, 01:00am
Building your company for a fast and headline grabbing "Exit" may be the most discussed business model these days.  However, many (if not most!) companies are built to make products and money for the long term, not for a quick exit.  In this forum we will hear from four successful local entrepreneurs who have built their companies to last.
  » SDEE Event April 17th at Jassen Labs: "Built to Last, Not for the Exit"
  » SDEE grows and brings new perspectives to life industry
  » How to be a Green Entrepreneur? Talk to those who know
  » Early Stage Company Showcase: Investor/Partnering Forum
  » Exit Strategies or How to get your Money Back
  » SDEE June 12 event "Igniting the Economy Through Innovation and Small Business Growth"
  » Surfing the Air Waves for Health: What Makes San Diego a Mecca for Wireless Health
  » Being “Fundable” and “Getting Funded” For High Tech and Biotech from Angels and VCs
  » How to get NIH/SBIR Grants Intensive Workshop for Entrepreneurs

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Don't miss the SABPA Family Picnic 8/11, that is this Sunday!
U.S. Senate Panel Gives NIH $31 Billion in 2014, $2 Billion More Than 2013