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Tuesday, 01.23.2018, 02:57pm (GMT-7)
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Imaging, Structure, and Optogenetics
Independent optical excitation of distinct neural populations
Monday, 02.10.2014, 10:16am
Sequencing the transcriptomes of more than 100 species of alga yields new channelrhodopsins with promising properties for optogenetics. A far red–shifted channelrhodopsin, Chrimson, opens up new behavioral capabilities in Drosophila, and alongside a fast yet light-sensitive blue channelrhodopsin, Chronos, enables independent excitation of two neuronal populations in brain slices.
Noninvasive imaging of Staphylococcus aureus infections with a nuclease-activated probe
Thursday, 02.06.2014, 11:54am
The approach exploits the properties of micrococcal nuclease and uses short, synthetic oligonucleotides that are highly sensitive to micrococcal nuclease but are rendered resistant to mammalian serum nucleases by chemical modifications.
Time-lapse X-ray phase-contrast microtomography for in vivo imaging and analysis of morphogenesis
Wednesday, 02.05.2014, 01:21pm
X-ray phase-contrast microtomography (XPCμT) is a label-free, high-resolution imaging modality for analyzing early development of vertebrate embryos in vivo by using time-lapse sequences of 3D volumes. Here we provide a detailed protocol for applying this technique to study gastrulation in Xenopus laevis (African
A polarized Ca2+, diacylglycerol and STIM1 signalling system regulates directed cell migration
Wednesday, 02.05.2014, 01:20pm
Meyer and colleagues used live-cell imaging to study the spatial organization of Ca2+ signalling network components during cell migration.
Multiplexed 3D cellular super-resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT and Exchange-PAINT
Monday, 02.03.2014, 12:21pm
Variations on point accumulation for imaging in nanoscale topography (PAINT) for super-resolution imaging extend the technology to allow simple imaging of cellular proteins as well as synthetic DNA nanostructures and provide a high level of multiplexing.
Tip-enhanced infrared nanospectroscopy via molecular expansion force detection
Friday, 01.31.2014, 10:42am
Mid-infrared spectroscopy with nanometre spatial resolution is highly desired for materials and life sciences applications. A nanoscale mid-infrared spectrometer is demonstrated that detects mechanical forces exerted by molecules on an atomic force microscope tip upon light excitation. It operates under ambient conditions with a high sensitivity and a spatial resolution of better than 25 nm.
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  » One in a thousand: defining the limits of olfactory perception
  » Quantifying the local tissue volume and composition in individual brains with magnetic resonance imaging
  » [Report] Observing the Dynamics of Dipole-Mediated Energy Transport by Interaction Enhanced Imaging
  » Biophotonics: Implantable waveguides
  » Transformation optics: Gravitational lens on a chip

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