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Tuesday, 01.23.2018, 02:57pm (GMT-7)
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Imaging, Structure, and Optogenetics
Structure of class C GPCR metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 transmembrane domain
Tuesday, 07.08.2014, 10:36pm
An X-ray structure is presented for metabotropic glutamate receptor 5, a class C G-protein-coupled glutamate receptor linked to fragile X syndrome and neurological disorders; this study provides insights into the protein’s mechanism of action.
Left-handed optical radiation torque
Tuesday, 07.08.2014, 10:36pm
The generation of a left-handed torque that acts in the opposite direction to light's natural spin angular momentum is reported. The effect is achieved by sending circularly polarized light into an azimuthally patterned birefringent glass disk.
Terahertz compressive imaging with metamaterial spatial light modulators
Monday, 06.30.2014, 02:17pm
Active metamaterials have been used to realize terahertz imaging with a single-pixel detector. Compressive techniques permit high-fidelity images to be acquired at high frame rates. The technique involves no moving parts and yields improved signal-to-noise ratios over standard raster scanning techniques.
All-optical electrophysiology in mammalian neurons using engineered microbial rhodopsins
Friday, 06.27.2014, 09:29am
A combination of a sensitive blue light–gated channelrhodopsin actuator and red-shifted Arch-based voltage sensors allows all-optical electrophysiology without cross-talk in cultured neurons or brain slices.
Multicolor two-photon light-sheet microscopy
Tuesday, 06.24.2014, 09:07am
Two-photon scanned light-sheet illumination (or two-photon selective-plane illumination microscopy, 2P-SPIM) with mixed-wavelength excitation to achieve fast multicolor two-photon imaging with negligible photobleaching compared to conventional two-photon laser point-scanning microscopy (2P-LSM).
Reversible protein inactivation by optogenetic trapping in cells
Monday, 05.12.2014, 03:14pm
Light-activated reversible inhibition by assembled trap (LARIAT) is a versatile optogenetic method for inactivating proteins, including GFP fusions, in living cells by conditional clustering at high spatiotemporal resolution.
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