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NexGen Sequencing, Epigenetics, and Editing
Digenome-seq: genome-wide profiling of CRISPR-Cas9 off-target effects in human cells
Wednesday, 02.11.2015, 11:03am
In vitro digestion of genomic DNA with Cas9 and single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) yields genome-wide off-target sites at frequencies below 0.1%. Off-target sites can be further reduced with modified sgRNAs.
Growing access to phenotype data
Wednesday, 02.11.2015, 12:48am
Plant genomes are the index that will allow plant breeders and researchers to access the information contained in the world's seed banks, with each allele linking germplasm, genotype and phenotype.
Growing access to phenotype data
Friday, 02.06.2015, 04:17pm
Plant genomes are the index that will allow plant breeders and researchers to access the information contained in the world's seed banks, with each allele linking germplasm, genotype and phenotype. The journal endorses the international DivSeek initiative and will work with authors to ensure access to phenotype data linked to published genetic data.
A genome to unveil the mysteries of orchids
Tuesday, 01.27.2015, 03:21pm
Orchids have captured imaginations worldwide for hundreds of years. The publication of the moth orchid genome sequence opens the door to a greater understanding of orchid morphological evolution and physiological adaptation.
qPMS9: An Efficient Algorithm for Quorum Planted Motif Search
Thursday, 01.15.2015, 11:06am
We study the (ℓ, d) motif search problem or Planted Motif Search (PMS). PMS receives as input n strings and two integers ℓ and d. It returns all sequences M of length ℓ that occur in each input string, where each occurrence differs from M in at most d positions. Another formulation is quorum PMS (qPMS), where the motif appears in at least q% of the strings.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa adaptation to human hosts
Tuesday, 01.13.2015, 03:15pm
Bacterial whole-genome sequencing of longitudinally collected isolates enables the investigation of evolutionary trajectories, which may inform both the prevention and treatment of human-associated pathogen infections. A new study explores the adaptation of multiple lineages of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to the lungs of young patients with cystic fibrosis and finds evidence of convergent molecular evolution and historical contingencies.
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  » Pseudomonas aeruginosa adaptation to human hosts
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  » Diagnostic value of circulating free DNA for the detection of EGFR mutation status in NSCLC: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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