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Camelid Antibodies
Intracellularly Expressed Camelid Single-Domain Antibody (VHH) Counteracts Cytotoxicity Seen in Agricultural Epidemics
Monday, 10.05.2009, 04:15am
FK-506, A novel immuno-suppressant isolated from a Streptomyces

A publication in JBC last week demonstrated that when expressed inside cells (intrabody), camelid antibody single-domain fragment can provide host eukaryotic cells antitoxicity protection.

VHH from camelid antibodies can be found against integral membrane proteins
Sunday, 02.01.2009, 09:08am
PHS 2010-1 Solicitation for SBIR Contract ProposalsMultiple camelid antibodies VHHs were found to bind a membrane bound enzyme at different epitopes with various effects on the enzyme’s activities.

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For the past few years, Allele has been in the forefront of Camelid antibody technology offering popular products such as the GFP-Trap, now replaced with the new GFP-nAb product line with lower cost, higher binding capacity and spin column format.
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