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News Release from Allele and Associated Organizations
The Beginning of a New Era of Antibodies--Allele Biotech Upgrades Trap to nAb
Wednesday, 10.30.2013, 04:43pm
Last week, Allele Biotech launched a "brand-new" product line, nano antibodies (nAbs, like mAbs for monoclonal antibodies, or pAbs for polyclonal antibodies).  The first products include camelid antibodies against commonly used GFP and the brightest FP mNeonGreen: GFP-nAb and mNeonGreen-nAb.

(shown to the left is quantitative co-precipitation of GFP from cell lysate, with higher capacity than what we used to offer as GFP-Trap).
Allele Biotech Receives NIH Grant to Further Develop mRNA Reprogramming Kits
Wednesday, 06.26.2013, 08:43pm
On June 10, 2013 Allele received an SBIR award from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA/NIH) entitled “Revolutionary Technology for Efficient Derivation of Human iPSCs with Messenger RNA”.
Allele Biotech Seminar at UCR Dept of Chem Tomorrow
Wednesday, 06.12.2013, 10:59am
Allele's CEO Dr. Jiwu Wang gave a seminar at UCR Department of Chemistry on June 13th, host Prof Huiwang Ai, "mRNA-iPSC, Nanobodies, and the Brightest Monomeric Fluorescent Protein--from a perspective of doing excellent research in a small business setting".
Allele Publishes mNeonGreen as the Brightest Monomeric Fluorescent Protein for Super-resolution Imaging
Saturday, 03.30.2013, 12:00pm
According to Dr. Jiwu Wang, the CEO of Allele Biotechnology, “Super-resolution imaging will become the standard for publication in a short period of time, and mNeonGreen allows researchers to meet this standard while still being compatible with the equipment and methods they already use.”
Allele Biotechnology Initiates Project On Scaled Manufacturing Of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells And Differentiation
Wednesday, 01.16.2013, 01:38pm
Allele Biotechnology has signed an agreement with Jinan University to develop culturing systems of stem cells and differentiation methods for producing skin tissue cells for wound treatment and stem cell therapy.
Allele Biotechnology Announces New advance in production of human stem cells
Saturday, 09.15.2012, 12:03pm
Through the united efforts of Dr. Warren and the other scientists at Allele Biotechnology, the mRNA reprogramming technique was re-engineered to increase cell conversion efficiency and eliminate any use of potentially unsafe reagents, while substantially reducing the time and effort needed to make stem cells. Dr. Warren believes that because of its advantages this technology “should become the method of choice for iPSC cell banking.”
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