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Must Attend 5-Day Event in San Diego Starting Tomorrow! -- CDW on Cells, Sensors, and Sysems, with Updates on Stem Cells
Thursday, 10.15.2015, 11:43pm (GMT-7)


Morning Session

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Session 1: Cell-Derived Vesicles in Cancer - Chair, John Nolan

9:00    Dolores Di Vizio (UCLA): Large Oncosomes: New Frontiers for Cell-to-Cell Communication in Cancer

9:30    Bob S. Carter (UCSD): Tumor-derived Vesicles in Glioblastoma

10:00  Coffee Break           

Session 2: Fluorescent Proteins - Chair, Nathan Shaner

10:30  Amy Palmer (UC Boulder): FRET in Genetically-Encoded Zinc (II) FP Sensors

11:00  Erik Rodriguez (UCSD): A Photostable, Far-Red Fluorescent Protein Evolved From Cyanobacteria

11:20  Peter Yingxiao Wang (UCSD): Molecular Engineering for Imaging and Reprogramming in Live Cells

11:40  Jin Zhang (UCSD): Spatiotemporal Regulation of Protein Kinases with FP Biosensors

12:00  Lunch

 Afternoon Session

1:00 - 5:00 pm

Session 3: Physiological Bases of Cardiac Arrhythmias - Chairs, Vincent Chen and Mark Mercola

1:00   Donald M. Bers (UC Davis): Measuring local Micro-Domain Calcium signaling in Cardiac Myocytes

1:40   Kenneth Laurita (Case Western): Cardiac Alternans and Arrhythmias

2:05   Lothar Blatter (Rush University): IP3-Dependent Ca2+ Signaling in Atrial Arrhythmias and Heart Failure

2:30   Wesley McKeithan (SBP): Drug Development for a Congenital Arrhythmia with Patient-Derived Stem Cells

2:45   Coffee Break    

Session 4: Neural Stem Cells: Development, Regeneration & Drug Discovery - Chairs, Evan Snyder and Jiwu Wang

3:15   Yang (Ted) D. Teng (Harvard): Recovery Neurobiology Defined by Donor or Endogenous Stem Cells

3:55   Oren Levy (Brigham Womans Hosp): Small-Molecule Screen for Enhanced Homing of Systemically Infused MSCs

4:20   Xiong Zhang (UCSD): Retinal ganglion cell differentiation and transplantation

4:45   Baptiste Jaeger (Salk): Neuroinflammation and Mechanisms of Memory Encoding

5:00   Happy Hour

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